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Orientation in Beijing       Health Care

International Hospital and Clinics

Beijing International SOS Clinic 北京SOS诊所
Clinic Tel: 6462-9112
Clinic Fax: 6462-9188
24hr Alarm Center: 6462-9100
Address: Building C,BITIC Leasing Center,1 North Road,Xingfu San Cun,Chaoyang District,Beijing 100027
Website: www.internationalsos.com
Email: China.inquiries@internationalsos.com
Beijing United Family Hospital and Clinics 北京和睦家医院
Address: 2 Jiantai Lu, Chaoyang District, Beijing 100016
Emergency contact: 6433-2345
Appointments: 6433-3960
Fax: 6433-3963
Beijing Vista Clinic 北京维世达诊所
Address: Kerry Center Mall, 1 Guanghua Lu, Chaoyang District, Beijing 100020
Tel: 8529-6618
Fax: 8529-6615
Website: www.vista-china.net
Hong Kong International Medical Clinic, Beijing 北京香港国际医疗诊所
Address: 9F Hong Kong Macau Center (Swissotel), Second Ring Road, Dongsi Shi Tiao, 2 Chaoyangmen Bei Dajie, Beijing 100027
Tel: 6501-2288 ext. 2346/2345/2347
Fax: 6502-3426
Website: www.hkclinc.com
Email: hkimcbj@public3.bta.net.cn
International Medical Center-Beijing 北京国际医疗中心
Address: Beijing Lufthansa Center S106-S111, Office Building
Tel: 6465-1561/2/3 (24 hours)
Fax: 6462-2081
The New World Eaton Medical Center 北京新世界公寓康体会
Address: 5F, Beijing New World Center, 3 Chongwenmen Wai Dajie, Beijing 100062
Tel: 6708-5075
Fax: 6708-5076
Guree Dental 固瑞齿科
Clinic 1:
Address: NB 210, B2 China World Shopping Mall
Tel: 6505-9439/9431/9413/9493
Email: worldtrade@gureedental.com.cn
Clinic 2:
Address: FC222, 21st Century Hotel, 40 liangmaqiao Lu, Chaoyang District
Tel: 6466-4814, 6461-2745, 6466-3311 ext.3849
Email: 21stcentury@gureedental.com.cn
International Medical Center Dental Clinic
Address: Lufthansa Center Office and Apartment Building, Room 103, 50 Liangmaqiao Lu
Tel: 6465-1384 Fax: 6465-1394
Sino-German Policlinic
Address: Landmark Tower, B-1 8 Dongsanhuan Road
Tel: 6501-1983, 65016688 ext. 20903 Fax: 6501-1944

Chinese hospitals and medical clinics, dental clinics, emergency centers

Beijing Emergency Center 北京急救中心
Address: 103 Qianmen Xi Dajie
Tel: 6601-4433
Emergency Tel: 120
Sino-Japanese Hospital Foreigner's Clinic 中日友好医院外宾部
Address: Heping Jie Beikou
Tel: 6422-2952, 6422-1122 ext. 3411
Fax: 6421-7749
Friendship Hospital Foreigner's Emergency Service 北京友谊医院
Address: 95 Yongan Lu, Xuanwu District
Tel: 6301-4411 ext. 441, 442
Capital Hospital Foreigner's Clinic 首都医院
Address: 6/F, 53 Dongdanbei Dajie北京东单北大街53
Tel: 6513-5002, 6512-7733 ext. 568
Beijing Union Medical Hospital 北京协和医院
Address: 53 Dongdan Beidajie, Dongcheng District
Tel: 6529-5269, 6529-5284









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Apartment  Villa Office Short-term  Retail Project Invest Courtyard For Sale Virtual Tour  On-Line Request
公寓 别墅 写字楼 短期租赁 商铺 项目投资 四合院 二手房出售 实景拍摄 需求登记

  Tel:  (86-10) 80488520,  80488500       Cell:  (86) 13801087331       Fax:  (86-10) 80488500     Email:  sales@c21bj.com

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