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Last Updated 06/13/2021

Virtual Tour    Henderson Center (恒基中心)

Henderson Center

Located near Beijing Railway Station, next to COFCO Plaza, convenient for work, shopping and entertainment. HK style modern good quality apartment. Good decoration. Nice kitchen. High-rise apartment with fantastic city view. Fancy lobby with shops, restaurants and bars. Good club facilities.

  • Management fee: USD1.9/month/sqm.
  • Car Parking fee: RMB680/month.
  • Managed by: Beijing C.Y.Leung Property Services and Consultancy Co. Ltd.
  • Facilities: tennis court, swimming pool, gym, sauna, children playground, restaurant, supermarket, coffee shop, laundry service, information, bar, cable TV.
  • Rental: USD 2,000-7,500
Type 1-bedroom 2-bedroom 3-bedroom 3-bedroom penthouse

Size (sqm)

83 101 160/180 300

168sqm, 3br, 2bath RMB25000


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Floor Plans

HendersonFloor83sqm1br.jpg (25811 bytes) HendersonFloor101sqm2br.jpg (84121 bytes) HendersonFloor160sqm3br.jpg (143762 bytes) HendersonFloor171sqm3br.jpg (91117 bytes) HendersonFloor171sqm3br.jpg (91117 bytes) HendersonFloor188sqm3br.jpg (108619 bytes)
83sqm, 1br 101sqm, 2br 160sqm, 3br 168sqm, 3br 171sqm, 3br 188sqm, 3br


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